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Strategic Pharmaceutical Advisors & Affiliated Companies (SRxA) is based on a concept initiated by Drs. Michael Kaliner and William Storms

Dr. Kaliner and Dr. Storms believed, based on their experience, that they could improve current professional education supported by the pharmaceutical industry. Their idea was to create innovative and relevant educational content using novel yet appropriate formats delivered by and to a network of their peers within the specialty of allergy and asthma.

They engaged the business expertise of Dr. Christos Efessiou to transform this concept into reality.  SRxA was incorporated in 2004 and continues to operate based upon the original concept of education created for physicians by physicians.  Dr. Efessiou serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SRxA and oversees the continued growth of the organization which now encompasses multiple therapeutic specialties and an ever expanding network of physician advisors spanning the globe.

Dr. Kaliner and Dr. Storms along with all of our advisors continue to see patients and remain on the cutting edge of clinical developments in their specialty while acting as independent thought leaders committed to the mission of SRxA.


Dr. Michael Kaliner MD
Michael A. Kaliner, MD
Dr. William Storms MD
William W. Storms, MD
Christos Efessiou, PhD
Christos S. Efessiou, PhD
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All healthcare providers associated with SRxA-Strategic Pharmaceutical Advisors, LLC and its affiliated companies, are independent consultants providing advisory services on an ad hoc basis. No physician, nurse, physician assistant, or other allied health professional is an employee, owner, officer, or director of the company.


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